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November 08 2017






this may be too controversial for some of yall but not everything by lgbt content creators has to be the absolute pinnacle of representation and gay media is allowed to be just as fucking shitty as straight media can get. gay content creators dont magically make better content just bc they’re gay and they should have the freedom to produce as much hot steaming gay garbage as they want because god fucking knows there’s a lot of hot steaming straight garbage out there

^^ Absolutely 100% agreed!!!
LGBT+ content creators have the right to be just as flawed as anyone else. They also have the right to create what they want as much as everyone else! They go through so many obstacles on a daily basis in their respective career fields. They don’t need Tumblr’s ungrateful and impossibly high standards rammed down their throats too.

Tumblr’s desire to seek out the next pure unproblematic uwu symbol of representation puts lgbt+ content creators in a situation where their golden pedastal can become a guillotine in the blink of an eye.

yeah why don’t the stupid homos just accept everything we throw at them

See? This is what I’m talking about here on Tumblr. You all don’t know how to chill. I never said you had to accept everything thrown at you. Everything deserves critique. You can like something and still note their flaws. You can dislike something and still note their good points. But the problem with Tumblr is that the moment something is deemed problematic, it’s over. it’s done. even if it’s created by fellow members of the lgbt+ community. You all damn know how hard it was for them just to get this far and get their content published, created, or even seen because of how unfair the industry is. Ya’ll know that but you vipers will still attack LGBT+ content creators like they’re the devil for not being perfect.

I’ve seen a black gay webcomic creator get nothing but smack from tumblr for having a white main character and his story not being “black” enough for ya’ll. How dare he write what he wants to write instead of dedicating his life to helping all black people 24/7?! I’ve seen a latinx lesbian writer get doxxed because she dared to feature a lesbian couple in her story that had realistic problems in their relationship. It was deemed homophobic by Tumblr for not putting the couple in a completely pure and good light to emphasize how wonderful being gay is 100% of the time. I saw another webcomic creator who put lesbians, blacks, gays, bisexuals, pansexuals, latinx, and many other under represented people in their comic, but they didn’t have any notable trans character representation so they were suddenly “canceled” by tumblr. Like tumblr’s standards are so high. Here, you gotta got go 100% or don’t do anything at all. And in a society where LGBT+ creators don’t have much in the first place, tumblr makes them scared to even try less they face your “righteous wrath”, causing even less LGBT+ content to be created.

What I’m trying to say is, I get it, it can be discouraging when what you’re specifically looking for isn’t in the content you’re digesting. But how about ya’ll

1) give lgbt+ content creators some slack because it was hard enough getting here anyways

2) if they did something problematic, you can explain it to them like actual civlized people instead of…ya know..being tumblr and literally ruining their lives

3) rethink your priorities and consider that maybe actual living breathing LGBT+ creators are more important than LGBT+ characters????

this x 1000000


Real talk kpop terrifies me one minute yall be video game mutuals the next you’ve changed your name url icon address identity to some band ive never heard of and am to afraid to google

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Here’s my take on this
No idea where the original is because I’ve only seen filled out versions of this floating around 

Roxas and Terra are interchangeable tbh but Terra is Terra so

And here’s the org that fit this best (And Xion and Namine again bc barely any girls and Namine was kind of in the org for a month)

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Aqua with an Alexander McQueen ‘16 cape, the brainchild of @namenap

I couldn’t find what the front looked like until I finished this, so uh, have a reduxed version of her outfit to go with it. It’d also look nice with her armor too :o

Don’t repost or use without proper credit, ask first please

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Here’s my take on this
No idea where the original is because I’ve only seen filled out versions of this floating around 

Roxas and Terra are interchangeable tbh but Terra is Terra so

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Aqua with an Alexander McQueen ‘16 cape, the brainchild of @namenap

I couldn’t find what the front looked like until I finished this, so uh, have a reduxed version of her outfit to go with it. It’d also look nice with her armor too :o

Don’t repost or use without proper credit, ask first please

November 07 2017




the worst memories of being bullied is when ppl would pretend not to be bullying you and ask you questions and u thought they were just asking u stuff but they were actually laughing at you the entire time and u had no idea bcos you were young and you didnt understand why people would be mean to you when you didnt do anything wrong. 

I spent a lot of my childhood in a constant state of “this is a trap but I don’t know how”

This stayed with me. Sometimes when people are nice to me, I still think they have bad intentions.

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An Electric Toaster circa 1920

this looks like some shit out of dishonored


there is not a single logical argument against having stricter gun laws and I swear to god if yall bitch one more time about “it’s my second amendment right” ill scream bc that amendment was written before machine guns were even dreamed of so frankly if you wanna walk around with a fucking musket and gun powder then feel free but for fuck’s sake don’t pretend like the founding fathers were saying “yes jim I think you should walk around with a gun capable of killings hundreds of people in a few minutes that sounds fantastic”

since I guess this is necessary due to the fandom’s climate this week here we go:

No I’m not into canonverse akrk anymore, and I seek to avoid it in any romantic sense minus what is ambiguous and platonic or onesided on R*xas’ part. It’s very uncomfortable to me. AUs are a point of internal contention with me, esp with the history of the ship and its fanbase along its evolution back before and into days (you had to be there); still working it out. I may have missed deleting posts containing the ship on this blog, though, so I’m gonna go fix that now if I find anything (sans the aforementioned exceptions). Fanbase has been getting disturbing (though we aren’t gonna talk about the shitstorm possibly happening in the s*riku fanbase today and generally a lot, but especially following 2 specific artists getting called out on drawing child p*rn…hah… dammit guys can we not <:( ), and a lot of closer mutuals could especially sense a shift in my opinion on the ship. I guess it wasn’t apparent enough here, though. Wish it was.

 I would also hit 2014-2016 me over the head with a clawed hammer too, dw. I sucked a lot. I get it perfectly well

Secondly. No, I don’t ship sh*th pre-k*rberos aka when k*ith would be a minor, if age gaps between adults (them now, going by the guidebook) bother you, then I’m sorry you feel that way, I really do, bc the fandom is a minefield for you, but I do have the ship tagged for you to blacklist if that’s the case or you just don’t like it. I ship it under the assumption that k*ith is in fact 18 (or older by this point, tbh), as the guidebook says. Were he not, then I’d drop the ship. This reason is also why I’m against other sh*ladin ships.

if you’re gonna drag me or anyone for that matter, drag over recent and current stuff, please and thank you. Hope some of you could get a taste of my perspective, since I don’t discuss it much publicly.



Update 5.0 has a bricking problem. This problem is not solved in system version 5.01. This error may also make the blu-ray drive completely unusable

If you get the error, or any error connected to system version 5.0 you will not be able to update to 5.1, meaning you can’t update games, go to PSN, or use online features.

Only resolution to the problem is manually snagging the update from Sony on a flash drive, and following the instructions to properly set up and use the flash drive with the system. Or, you can try safe-mode. In some cases, fully shutting down the system and bringing it back up may allow for the update to be downloaded.

Update Download: Click Here

How to Install From FD: Click Here

Flash Drive Notice: The PS4 requires your Flash Drive to be formatted to ExFAT or FAT32. If your PS4 doesn’t recognize the drive, try reformatting it into one of those two versions to help the system read it. ExFAT allows for files to be over 4GB in size, while FAT32 does not, however there may be issues using ExFAT depending on the system. Make sure the update is backed up to your system in case the drive needs to be re-formatted. For more flash-drive help, use this guide.
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Other awesome cereals that used to be stocked at your friendly, neighborhood supermarket:


you think Sora had skateboard expertise before he lost his heart or did he just wake up with the ability to use one really well and he was just like “this is probably what I did before I fell asleep, yeah ok”

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So I had the best dream last night

Don’t repost or use without proper credit and ask first pls

November 06 2017


fuji apples? top tier. no question about it. red delicious apples are a crime against god himself and the fact that fuji apples have anything to do w/ them floors me bc one is INFINITELY better than the other.. granny smith apples can stay but they’re on thin fucking ice





You know what? New rule.

If you force an introvert into a social gathering they don’t feel comfortable with/don’t want to go to you are responsible for their good time.

You have to include them in conversations or go sit with them when they have no one to talk to.

Because if you can’t do that, don’t make them come. Don’t force them in a situation where they feel alone and helpless and leave them floundering. 

“But it’s good for them to get out.” You’re not making me adapt. You’re not making me more social. You’re reinforcing every negative opinion I have on these gatherings and giving me the resolve to say ‘Fuck off’ the next time you try this.

I would also like to add to this rule. Do not trap them there. Make sure they have a way to get home without you or you are willing to take them home if they feel uncomfortable. Even if you do spend time with them and make sure they have a good time let them leave if they want. Social interaction even with people they know and like can be tiring and they can’t always keep up with extroverts.

Reblogging for important addition

Also here’s another tip: respect their (lack of) consent in the first place. You can invite. You shouldn’t be “forcing”.

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me a solid two years before I have to do the capstone ordeal: OH MY GOD CAPSTONE

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I edited the image because Sora’s foot is cropped out by the medal; luckily there was a full image shot from the KH Cafe event!

Original edit by khinsider (link)

Photo from KH-13 (link)

You can download this and all my previous edits here at full size:

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our room in the afternoon.

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