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May 23 2018

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devilman crybaby

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Time for more summery looks

-Don’t reupload/edit/use without proper credit, ask first please-

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too many things, lately 🌊

May 22 2018

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She’s late for something.

Fashion request I took last night on Twitter

-Don’t reupload/edit/use without proper credit, ask first please-

I feel. Finding foundation that’s actually my skin tone is awful. And then it’s like 13$

God yeah. Or they’re even more expensive or you’d have to order them online from the UK or something

I actually found foundation in my tone

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I tried to take a selfie today and the lawnmower blasted grass in my direction so I was basically dying while my camera snapped some pics, was hilarious after, would not recommend experiencing

So basically even the forces out there are telling me I’m not photogenic and I agree

OH. Oh wow see it’s the same price here but if I lived in the next state over, it’s just be $50 so I’m just. What the fuck.

what the FUCK

May 21 2018

the signs as trisha paytas video titles


Aries: let’s talk scientololgy


Gemini: I Pee’d On My Boyfriend (not clickbait)

Cancer: Sexually Aroused for the First Time in Front of My Dad! | STORYTIME

Leo: My Dead Boyfriend is Haunting Me | STORYTIME

Virgo: anxiety + runny diarrhea

Libra: abandonment

Scorpio: crying on my kitchen floor (again)

Sagittarius: My Boyfriend’s Hotter Than Me

Capricorn: i’m gay (not clickbait) and also not a big deal


Pisces: im a chicken nugget


Alright gonna make a PSA post but dear artists;
You do not have to draw trans men with just double incision scars. 

In fact, it’s actually legitimately annoying. Not all trans men get DI top surgery. There’s loads of other ways to indicate a character is trans besides JUST DI marks which at this point is way overdone imo.

Here’s a run down on different surgeries trans men can get and what that scarring looks like;

Double Incision

DI surgery is the most common form of top surgery I see depicted for people’s characters. There’s nothing really wrong with that, because it is the most common form of top surgery, but it’s also really overplayed at this point and I’d like to see some variation. As you can also see above, DI surgery fades overtime. So if you’re drawing your character with bright pink scars and they got top surgery years ago, that’s not really accurate. Not only that, but depending on the surgeon the scars can look wildly different from each other, so it’s not all uniform. If you just google “top surgery results” there’s loads of examples out there.

Peri-Areolar Top Surgery

This is what Peri surgery results look like. The thing about top surgeries besides DI is that you can’t really get them unless you have smaller breasts, because of complications. So to get Peri your character would need to already be pretty flat chested to begin with. Peri does not leave behind the trademark DI scars, but does leave it’s own type of distinct scarring around the nipples, and it’s own type of chest shape.

Keyhole Top Surgery

This is what Keyhole top surgery looks like. It’s the least invasive form of top surgery, although you can only get it with a chest that’s already very flat. As you can see, it leaves almost no visible scarring. So it’s totally possible for your character to have next to no top surgery scars and still have gotten top surgery.

Above is the difference between DI and Keyhole. As you can see, it’s a lot different in terms of scarring. Both of these men had top surgery, but the results look completely different.

No Top Surgery At All

You can literally just design a trans man with either;
A) Breasts
B) No breasts because he started hormone treatment early and had puberty blockers. Someone who went on puberty blockers and then testosterone would never develop breasts to begin with.

If you’re cis and decide to draw a character who has breasts, just don’t do it in a fetishistic way. It’s actually totally possible to design and draw a trans man with breasts without it being weird. He doesn’t even have to bind. Loads of trans men don’t bind for personal or health reasons.

Personally, I don’t even bind most of the time and I have D cup breasts, but I wear a massive puffy jacket all the time so no one can tell. I do this because of a mixture of health problems and discomfort with binding. No two trans men are alike! Not all of us like binding.

I hope this was informative and helps people to draw a variety of different chests on trans men!!!

One thing I like about drawing specific characters and ships is RP blogs always come out of the woodwork like >:D !!! every time and I imagine a bunch of one or more character just all clamoring around and I love it? It’s weirdly endearing

Ooh, Ko-Fi gold looks neat?

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god i relate in terms of my first name except in my area its expensive

Yeah, it’s just so much work and time to put into it and you have to notify so many places and people about it? Sucks.

And I think altogether around here the fees and whatnot cost like $300-400? Or something around there. Apparently it’s way higher in other places wtf



do u ever get a message or a comment that like isn’t OVERTLY sexual but it’s in the subtext and even though it seems completely innocent your kink alarm bell rings something like

“you’re so cute! would love to see a photo of you in some red sneakers!”

like…..that’s too specific to be innocuous…………. .

god i love this

I hate my first name and middle name and would like to change em to something more neutral and not old-personish but then I gotta go through the entire rigmarole of changing my legal name and that’s

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hey!! guess what! 
my soriku doujinshi is done and available for pre-order HERE!! (a digital PDF version will be available for purchase after preorders close) 

Capriccio!! is a fluffy, canon-compliant fancomic that follows Sora and Riku as they explore the Symphony of Sorcery together after the events of their exams. I guarantee that it’s very, very soft

i’ll also have copies at Fanime AA table 1712 this coming weekend, so stop by if you’d like to get one in person!!

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